The New Facebook Paradigm

The "New" Newsfeed



Images Will be Even MORE Important

Since the end of 2011, images on Facebook have dominated the news feed stories.

On Facebook, users have been the most engaged with photo posts, and this is why they are all over the news feed.  Photos and photo albums get 120% and 180% more engagement than the average post according to Facebook’s internal data.

Profile & Cover Images Enhanced

The new Facebook Newsfeed emphasizes images even more.

As the example to the right shows, when someone likes your business page, your cover image and profile picture will now show in their newsfeed. Not utilizing this prime real estate on your page will start to cost you.





Images & Graphics: Getting BIGGER

In the new newsfeed Facebook has put a further emphasis on photos and how they display, making them larger, more vibrant, and even giving them a dedicated feed. Pages who do not adjust to using images will be impacted.


Your Customers Spend More Time on Facebook Than Anywhere Else Online!



The way your business is seen online (digital brand) is just as important as the merchandise you sell, your staff, your signage and the atmosphere of your brick and mortar business. 

What does your Facebook  page say  with no cover image, or a horribly sized profile pic? Whether you sell merchandise online or not  this is your online store front, be proud of it!




Profile and Cover Image

Your page needs to be well designed and attractive to be effective. No one wants to visit a page with no cover image or a horribly sized profile image. This is your online store front, be proud of it! You wouldn't put off-center signs in front of your store—or worse no sign at all, why do it online?



Timeline Images

Images get 3x's the engagement of text posts on Facebook. Images will be even MORE important with the new Facebook update in May. How are you using images? Pinned and Highlight sized images can be used to share specific promotions, remind your followers about a special or to expand your branding or slogan. 





Custom Apps

Digital Brick's custom Facebook Applications add massive versatility to your page. We can build a custom web landing page and convert it into a tab on your page. You can then direct visitors to a custom URL or your Facebook tab doubling your exposure ability. Use video, custom forms, and more to capture leads, drive traffic or build product/brand awareness.

Digital Brick's unique Social Share Contest page requires a visitor to "like" your Facebook Page, Tweet a customized message, and enter their contact information to enter. (See example below.) 



Facebook Page Management

One problem many business owners face is simply posting consistently. Did you know 99% of Facebook posts are dead after 4 hours? It's not enough to post daily, you should be posting multiple times per day. But who has the time? Digital Brick provides customized Facebook management to assist you as much or as little as needed.





Email Campaigns & In-Store Graphics

Many businesses miss out on connecting with a huge portion of their current and in-store customer base. They do not make it easy for the customer to connect with them or simply do not try at all. 

Digital Brick can provide custom in-store graphics that display both your custom Facebook URL and a unique QR Code to make it easy for customers to connect in-store or through print. We also provide the ability to seamlessly integrate professionally designed email campaigns to grow connections and likes, drive traffic, promote specials, and increase your bottom line.

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